Monday, August 10, 2009

Appreciations (9) – Silly, after all…!!

Appreciations (9) – Silly, after all…!!

Torrey Orton

August 10, 2009

Ross Gittins joined my pantheon of thought stars on Saturday July 25, 2009 in The AGE by crowning a generation of Oz Prime Ministers with the cap "silly" for promoting the dangers of government debt while pretending private debt doesn't exist. This is a little violence I warmly endorse!

I've been saying this quietly to myself almost every time I hear one of the governing club talk economics. Being economically incompetent, but not always silly, while old, this gaping wound of factual dollars owed to others for private expenditures constantly abrades my sense of balance. And, yes, I call them silly at many other moments of their delirious incompetence.

'Silly' is a soubriquet of last resort for me when I am so overwhelmed at the inanity of a process or a person over such a continuous history that I cannot 'move on' from it nor capture its status more compellingly nor visit my minor rage upon them directly. My final disrespect for them. A small injury in any event.

I occasionally fall under its spell in self-reflection, which somewhat authorises my using it on others. Or, so I rationalise. I also rationalise that 'silly' is a better thing to be than held accountable for the decline of our socio-political infrastructure – a title which quite a few people can wear with impunity and thereby rate a ranking on the dare to die brigade's hit list. In this way I think of 'silly' as a sign of generosity, though it may turn out only to be socio-political retribution's triage mechanism.

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