Sunday, April 11, 2010

Appreciation (23) … A little byplay thanks to Mark

Appreciation (23) … A little byplay thanks to Mark
Torrey Orton April 11, 2010
Catch this…
From Mark in Hudson, NY
"I heard about this play on NPR this morning. After looking at the video, especially the slo-mo replay ,,,,, i thought I had better pass it along to a few fans who might otherwise have missed it."
I commend the video to your attention. Watch it through because the best view of the event is about the last in the series. Strange they didn't put it first.
To which I replied, after watching the video -
I would have missed it, and having seen it, won't miss it BUT am glad I saw it..if you know what I mean!?

A reflection: things like this didn't happen before because:
1) they did but we weren't there;
2) they didn't because no one would have thought of something so silly; they wouldn't have allowed themselves to be so silly;
3) whoever the first tennis pro was who did the same on global telly hadn't arrived yet?? Since then at least one Agassi (was it Henri who perfected the blind between the legs return from the baseline?) a game seems to be required in pro circles. And it's a more guys than gals thing it seems.
4) smallball players have always unconsciously lusted after the largeball grand moves of basketball and the various footballs?
5) smallball players have always underestimated the superiority of their skills over largeball ones – anyone can catch a basketball / football; kicking's a bit harder, but getting a ball to the right place by using a wing extension (racket, bat, stick) clearly geometrically multiplies the difficulty doesn't it?…
6) So, they, the 'silly' effective ballgame antics, are a triumph of fashion, not capacity?
Thanks for the exercise!!

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